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Sony KD-49X8305C Review

Sony have been one of the go-to brands for quality 4K TVs, and the Sony KD-49X8305C represents a fantastic entry-level option. As expected from Sony, it has exceptional image quality, and thanks a selection of handy features and impressive HD processing, the KD-49X8305C offers great value for money for those looking to upgrade to 4K.


The KD-49X8305C comes with a 49-inch screen with a 4K Ultra HD resolution. This provides brilliant image quality, with sharp contrasts, vivid colours, and smooth movements with fast-moving sequences.

The slim, compact design is very contemporary and would look great in any type of setting, but the fine aesthetics make it worthy of being a centre-piece whether mounted or standing.

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There is also a number of cool features present, namely the Android TV operating system that provides access to all number of great apps and content from Google Play, as well as allowing Android devices to easily connect to the KD-49X8305C.

Connectivity is possible through 4 HDMI and 3 USBS ports, along with an Ethernet cable for internet access. There is even a SCART connection, which is almost unheard of with newer models!


The KD-49X8305C features Sony’s 4K Processor X1, resulting in Ultra HD resolution that is a sight to behold. This quality of the display here is seriously impressive, with some of the best clarity, contrast and vibrancy you will find for a TV in this price range.

This is best realised with 4K content, although the KD-49X8305C does a great job of upscaling other content with the 4K picture processing technology. Therefore, you can easily enjoy high quality images from TV, Blu-ray and DVD, video streaming and other content.

As this is a 49-inch screen you get the benefit of fully realising the 4K display, as the larger screen allows you to really see the sharper, more vibrant images.

Additionally, Motionflow XR helps to keep fast-moving sequences detailed, which can often be an issue when viewing 4K content. There will be no need to worry about blurry images or a loss of sharpness with the KD-49X8305C!


Android TV is the Smart TV system of choice for the KD-49X8305C. This interface is very similar to those found on Android devices such as smartphones and tablets, and grants access to Google Play as well.

That means you can download an impressive number of applications that provide so much extra content. For example, there are countless apps at your disposal, from video streaming like Netflix and Amazon Prime, to all your favourite social media apps like Facebook and Twitter.

Netflix and YouTube are particularly useful apps worth downloading, as these are some of the best ways to get access to 4K content.

For those with Android devices, the Google Cast feature allows for mirroring of that device, allowing you to turn the KD-49X8305C into a massive screen for your smartphone or tablet! This can be really cool for watching videos or looking at photos you have captured on your phone.

Everything runs very smoothly thanks to the powerful processor, and the interface for the KD-49X8305C also happens to be very user-friendly!

Final Thoughts

The Sony KD-49X8305C is a great option for anyone the is looking for an affordable 4K model from a premium manufacturer. A host of great features and the ability to connect to many devices ensures that the KD-49X8305C will see you good for years to come, making it a worthwhile investment that won’t break the bank.

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