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Sharp LC-40CFF5221K Review

The Sharp LC-40CFF5221K is the perfect TV for anyone on a budget. A 40-inch screen makes it ideal for any living space, and there are host of features that allow further connectivity with devices around the home.

Better still, the LC-40CFF5221K offers exceptional value for money. It’s a great sized television with a fine display that will look great in any room in your home.


As 1080p LED TV, the LC-40CFF5221K has full HD resolution that provides a high-quality display. The television itself is nice and slim, even coming with metal feet which help to improve the overall design of the model.

There is a decent number of HDMI ports with the LC-40CFF5221K, with three in total allowing for a fair amount of connectivity with other devices – many higher end TVs don’t offer this, so it’s a great aspect for this model.

Additionally, there are two USB ports, so you can easily plug in a device to view videos, listen to music, and view images.

Below are the cheapest deals that we could find for this TV, from eBay and then Amazon:

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With a full HD 1080p resolution, all content viewed on the LC-40CFF5221K comes with a nice, crisp image. Given the price range for this model, the image quality is certainly impressive, as cheaper models can often struggle to provide much vibrancy.

There is no such issue here. This can be credited to the presence of ACE PRO technology, which reduces blurs and provides a far smoother image through it dual core picture processing engine.

It also increases the display of all standard definition content to fit within the higher resolution. Granted, the picture display for this isn’t as a high a quality if HD, it still does a good job making the display a bit better to view.

Devices such as Blu-ray players and games consoles can be connected too and have a fine, full HD display, so there are certainly no drawbacks with the LC-40CFF5221K in terms of display. Given the affordable price of the model, this is a fantastic display that will serve many purposes without issue!


Perhaps one of the biggest drawbacks of the LC-40CFF5221K is that it doesn’t feature smart technology. So, while you cannot directly use the internet from the TV to view things like YouTube or Netflix, you can easily connect your own computer, laptop or tablet.

This will allow you to essentially turn it into a smart TV – you just need to ensure you have a computer! The three HDMI ports mean you can easily do this and still have room for other devices such as a Sky or Virgin box, or a games console, DVD/Blu-ray player etc.

A great feature is that it comes with built in Freeview HD tuner. That means you can enjoy over 60 (and 25 radio stations!) channels free of charge, 12 of which come in full HD!

There is also space for two USB devices with the LC-40CFF5221K, which allows the chance to unlock even more potential with the TV. For instance, you can use it to watch other media from a USB stick, or enjoy features provided from devices like the Amazon Fire Stick, which can essentially provide a TV with smart features!

While it may appear to be lacking due to the lack of smart functioning, there is certainly a way around this disadvantage!

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