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Samsung UE49KU6400 Review

Samsung has always been held in the highest regard when it comes to their television line-up, with the company constantly producing some of the best on the market. The Samsung UE49KU6400 represents a fantastic mid-range model that has all of the hallmarks of a great TV, including stunning 4K Ultra HD and a selection of fantastic features.


The Samsung UE49KU6400 has a gorgeous design, with a slim of-stand depth of around 55m and a very generous 49-inch display. Its ideal for both wall-mounting or resting on its stand, and will fit into most rooms like a glove.

A 4K Ultra HD display helps to produce a brilliant quality of picture that features four times the pixels and Full HD, resulting in unrivalled clarity and fantastic colour contrast. 4K is best viewed in larger screens from a distance, making the 49-inch Samsung UE49KU6400 an ideal selection for any living room areas.

So this is a top smart TV and so you will be wanting a cheap price so that you can save some good money if you buy and so here are the cheapest deals online in the UK at the moment:

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Furthermore, there are a host of great features that you would to find in TV, including a smart TV system that allows access to all number of cool apps and features, including internet browsing and catch-up TV.

Finally, there are 3 HDMI and 2 USB ports, ensuring that the Samsung UE49KU6400 can be easily connected to any number of devices. The built-in Wi-Fi allows for direct internet access, although there is also an Ethernet cable too!


As you might expect, the Samsung UE49KU6400 has one of the most impressive picture displays available. 4K Ultra HD is certainly the way things are going in terms of mainstream picture quality, and while there isn’t a massive range of 4K content currently available, expect that to change in the near future.

Better still, the 4K upscaling allows for 1080p HD to be scaled up to an impressive 4K quality. The likes of 4K gaming and UHD Blu-ray players have become more widespread too, so the display for the Samsung UE49KU6400 looks exceptional for the 4K content that is currently available.

With four times the number of pixels as Full HD, there overall clearness of the picture on display with the Samsung UE49KU6400 is breath-taking. Detailing for shadows is exceptional thanks to the fantastic contrast, as is the level of colour, which can also be edited thanks to wide number of display options available.

Even with a limited selection of 4K content available, the upscaling performed on anything below 4K is definitely impressive, and you will likely notice an improvement in the general picture quality and clarity.

Considering the Samsung UE49KU6400 in the mid-price range, the quality of its display is simply magnificent. You can pay a lot more for models that have similar or even lesser quality, which is a testament to just how great the display and price for the Samsung UE49KU6400 is.


Samsung’s Tizen-based Smart Hub has only improved as the years go by, making it one of the best smart TV interfaces currently on the market. You will find access to all of the most popular apps, from video streaming content from Netflix or YouTube, to catch-up TV services like BBC iPlayer.

It is simple to navigate and allows for various other features to be enjoyed such as cloud gaming. It also comes with a very fast and comprehensive quad-core processer that provides the interface with a smooth and seamless response.

Final Thoughts

Again, the price for the Samsung UE49KU6400 is nothing short of incredible. Considering the amazing display and fantastic features, you really are getting one heck of bargain with this model from Samsung!

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