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Panasonic TX-50DX700B Review

As one of the premium television manufacturers, Panasonic has been at the forefront of the latest and most innovative television technologies. The TX-50DX700B represents just that, but with the added bonus of having a mid-entry price!


Featuring all the latest technology you would hope to find in a new TV, the TX-50DX700B also has some features that will set you up well ahead for the future, mainly its HDR capabilities.

Beyond this, the 4K resolution offers incredible image quality. Its contrast and vibrancy is some of the best around, but with the added bonus of the TX-50DX700B being in a mid-price range. Simply put, for such a high-quality display you will be paying a fraction of the cost when compared to similar models!

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The TX-50DX700B also has one of the best Smart TV interfaces with the Firefox OS, which allows for all manner of cool features to be enjoyed, from streaming apps to catch-up TV.

Panasonic are known for creating some beautiful designs for their models, and the TX-50DX700B is no different. The massive 50-inch screen makes it a perfect centre-piece for any living room, and the ‘Switch Design’ allows for the two feet to be altered to suit the unit it will be sitting on, making installation that bit easier.


As the TX-50DX700B features 4K Ultra HD, it’s safe to say the display of the highest quality. 4K has become readily available in more affordable models this year, and this marks one of the best-priced models currently available.

Plus, with a nice 50-inch screen, you really get the best out of the 4K resolution. This is because larger screens let you view the additional pixels, so the large screen size makes the most of the 4K.

Furthermore, the TX-50DX700B supports High Dynamic range or HDR. This is a new form of high-resolution that could very well be the next big thing for televisions. It offers similar, if not better, levels of contrast and a massive colour spectrum.

This ensures a truly incredibly image quality for any HRD content. The only issue is that there isn’t much in the way of that at the moment. Ultra HD players are required, although there are few models currently available, and streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime also offer HRD content.

However, the TX-50DX700B is the cheapest model to offer HDR, and while the content is currently limited, more will become available in the upcoming years – think of this as a fine investment if you want to get on board with the next big high-resolution format!

The 4K Ultra HD is no slouch in the meantime of course! It also scales up 1080p and standard definition, so the overall image quality on display with the TX-50DX700B is seriously impressive.


The TX-50DX700B can be easily connect to the internet via an Ethernet or built-in Wi-Fi. This allows access to a host of amazing features. For instance, the Freeview Play feature provides instant access to all of the most popular catch-up services and can let you scroll back seven days to view old content!

Additionally, various apps can be downloaded to use features such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Facebook etc.

Panasonic also has a working partnership with Mozilla Firefox, ensuring that the TX-50DX700B features one of the best operating systems found in a television. It’s essentially a Firefox web browser, but you can also create a customised hub for all your apps and other features, resulting in a wonderful user-friendly interface.

Final Thoughts

The Panasonic TX-50DX700B represents exceptional value for money. Capable of 4K Ultra HD, not to mention the innovative HDR, the overall size and display for this model makes this model far cheaper than models with similar features.

Finished off with a host of fantastic features through it Firefox OS, the TX-50DX700B is very much an investment worth making!

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