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Panasonic TX-40DS400B Review

Panasonic are known for manufacturing televisions that offer great value for money. The Panasonic TX-40DS400B is in-keeping with this trend, as it offers an affordable 40-inch TV with great image quality and a smart TV system.


Panasonic’s TX-40DS400B is a 40inch TV with 1080p Full HD resolution, which provides a clear picture with ample detail and contrast. When you take into account the very reasonable price for this model, the overall image quality seems that bit better – many models with similar quality displays will cost much more than this does!

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There is also a selection of great features present in the TX-40DS400B, namely the Smart TV interface provides access to additional content. It also comes with HD Freeview and the very useful Freetime feature that lets you view the latest Freeview content from the previous seven days.

Furthermore, connecting other devices is possible through the 2HDMI ports and the USB output. These can be used to use additional content such as games consoles, videos, music, and photographs.


The Panasonic TX-40DS400B comes with a 1080p Full HD resolution that provides a fantastic image quality. Adaptive Backlight Dimming technology is also present in this model, and it really helps with deep colours present in darker scenes, as well as providing lots of vibrancy in other scenes.

This creates a very impressive contrast in the display, and one that is of a surprisingly high quality when you consider the affordable price of the TX-40DS400B. Full HD content is pretty widespread now, and with Freeview HD built-in, you can directly view HD content in all its glory.

You will struggle to find a model with this price that offers such high quality Full HD. Most of the time you will need to pay a little extra for the best manufacturers models, so it is great to see that one of the big brands like Panasonic offer such a reasonable price with the TX-40DS400B.


As a Smart TV, there are countless forms of additional content that you can access through the TX-40DS400B. Wherher you want to browse the web or download a popular app, the TX-40DS400B has you covered.

Additionally, the My Homescreen Smart Platform is simple to use. Navigation is easy, so it won’t be difficult to browse through your favourite apps to view all that extra content.

Speaking of apps, expect to find all the usual fare, including popular video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime. There is no shortage of great apps to choose from, with each one helping to add that extra dimension to the TX-40DS400B.

Smartphones and tablets can also be mirrored with this model, so you effectively turn it into a massive screen for your phone or tablet! This is just another way to gain access to additional features and content that you may have your smartphone or tablet devices.

Built-in HD Freeview is also included, meaning you can get over 60 popular channels – some of which are Full HD too! Should you not have much time for catching your favourite TV, then the Freetime feature will be to your liking.

It allows for the chance to catch-up on any Freeview programs you have missed over the previous seven days. All the best catch-up providers can be enjoyed, including BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, and Demand 5.

This is an impressive number of features for such an affordable model, and is just another reason the TX-40DS400B represents such a fine bargain!

Final Thoughts

Panasonic have certainly achieved their value for money mantra with the TX-40DS400B. It has everything you could ever need from an affordable television, including great quality Full HD, Smart TV, and a sleek design that will look brilliant in any setting.

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