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Panasonic TX-40DS400B Review

When talking about life changing inventions, you simply cannot ignore the humble television set, or TV, for short. TVs have been around for many decades now, and in their time they have undergone a whole variety of changes. As technology advanced, so too did TV sets, and rightfully so. To begin with, we had black and white images, so when colour TV was invented, well, you can imagine how popular these sets became. Nowadays however, breakthroughs of that calibre seem like distant memories, as the TV sets we’re accustomed to nowadays wouldn’t look out of place in a sci-fi epic blockbuster movie. If you’re on the lookout for a new TV, but aren’t quite sure what to go for, you may wish to consider the TX-40DS400B from Panasonic. This TV set is affordable and has been receiving a lot of positive attention as of late. To find out whether this positive attention is truly justified, here’s a more detailed look at this groundbreaking TV set.

What is the Panasonic TX-40DS400B? – This TV set is a 40 inch, full HD Smart LED TV, in 1080p, complete with freeview capabilities and a very impressive energy rating. The TV provides crystal clear image quality, a gateway to your own personal content with its ‘my home screen’ function, and much more besides. The TV retails at around £299.99 in the UK, and it often comes complete with free delivery.

So this is quite a cheap smart TV but it always helps to find the very cheapest prices and so we have those below:

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What are its main features? – Some of the main features associated with the Panasonic TX-40DS400B include the following:

  • A+ energy rating
  • 62 watt power consumption
  • Adaptive backlight function
  • Functions very well in dark, and light scenes
  • Compatible with a number of smart apps
  • Use as a web browser
  • The ability to easily share smart tablet and phone content on your TV screen
  • Freetime with Rollback, which includes BBC iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD, Demand 5, and more…
  • Sleek and stylish design
  • 40inch display
  • Scart socket
  • 3 HDMI ports
  • Crystal clear 1080p HDTV LED display
  • And more…

Pros – Some of the main pros of this TV set include:

Display – With backlit technology, the TV provides a fantastic display, even with very dark, or incredibly bright scenes. What’s more, the 1080p full HD LED display really provides super high def quality images that have to be seen to be believed.

Smart functions – As the TV is also a smart TV, not only is it compatible with smart phones and tablets, but it can also be utilized along with a series of apps. Amazon instant Video and Netflix, for example, are especially popular.

Design – The TV also comes in a very sleek, stylish, and modern flat screen design that would work incredibly well with a minimalist or contemporary setting.

Cons – Now for the cons:

Sound quality – Some users have complained that the sound quality is not quite as crisp as they may have hoped.

Final thoughts – Overall, this TV set is certainly one of the better devices currently on the market, and for less than £300, you really can’t complain. The image is fantastic, the sound is very good, and the design and features all work very well.

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