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LG 43LH604V Review

Where would we be without our TV sets? Well, many of us may as well be back in the dark ages, as life without TV will generally be pretty boring if truth be told. After a long day, there are few finer feelings than getting home, getting comfortable, and settling down onto our sofas for a night in front of the TV, especially if our favourite TV shows are currently being broadcast. As technology has changed and advanced so much over the years however, nowadays our TVs do so much more than just allow us to watch TV shows, as they can basically function as super computers themselves. We can use our smart phones and tablets with our TVs, we can download and utilize compatible apps, we can record multiple shows at once, and much more besides. One TV set that people are showing a lot of interest in, is the LG 43LH604V, so here’s a more detailed look at this device right now.

What is the LG 43LH604V? – This TV set from LG, is one of the best devices currently on the market, and at around £369.00 it’s not hard to understand why. The TV set features a 43 inch display, it is a full HD smart TV with WebOS, it provides advanced image processing, and it allows users to access live and on demand services with the push of a button. The device features more than 60 freeview channels, all of which are subscription fee. It features a modern and sleek design, that would fit in with most decors, and it comes complete with free delivery within the United Kingdom.

So this is a great smart TV and if you are looking to buy then we have found all of the cheapest deals online below so that you can buy at a cheap price:

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What are its main features? – Some of the main features of this TV set include the following:

  • Full HDTV
  • Smart features
  • Built-in freeview
  • Advanced image processor which provides triple XD power to colour
  • Anti glare true black panel film
  • Compatible with on demand services and apps
  • A++ rating making it very energy efficient
  • Picture wizard 3 to allow you to customize your picture display
  • Clear voice sound enhancer
  • Virtual audio channels
  • And more…

Pros – Some of the main pros associated with this TV include:

Smart function – Compatible with a series of apps, including: Now TV, Amazon Prime instant video, Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Demand 5, and much more, you get to enjoy content from a wide range of different platforms.

Picture – With the picture wizard 3, you can alter your picture settings in a flash, so you can alter brightness, black level, hint, backlighting, sharpness, and much more, all to your own personal preferences.

Cons – Some potential cons include:

Price – Some users have complained that the price is a little high, as there are similar devices available for less. Most agree however, that the extra costs are well worth it.

Final thoughts – LG have a reputation for producing fantastic electrical equipment that is reliable and efficient, and this TV set is a prime example of why that is. If you enjoy crystal clear sound and images, and plenty of functions to keep you busy for a while, this is the perfect TV set for you.

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