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LG 28MT48S Review

LG are certainly among the best television manufacturers, and even their budget models offer great value for money. The LG 28MT48S falls into this category, offering an affordable television that provides a great picture and comes with a surprising number of cool features.


The LG 28MT48S is a 28-inch screen that is HD ready (720p). With a slim and lightweight the design, it makes for a great wall mounted television or can work as equally as well the stand. You can also connect it to various devices through HMDI and USB ports, meaning it can serve multiple functions like being a TV and computer monitor!

WebOS Smart interface allows the LG 28MT48S to connect to the internet and access loads of extra content. From applications to web browsing, this provides an extra dimension to the TV, which is particularly noteworthy given the smaller size of the model.

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While not capable of 1080p HD, the LG 28MT48S provides a resolution of 720p, which still offers high definition display. The main difference with this and 1080p is that the presence of fewer pixels does make it not as clear or colourful, but as this is a smaller sized screen you won’t notice much of a difference.

So, this does make the LG 28MT48S less suitable for a main television that you will be sitting further away from, as this is when you can mostly notice the differences from 1080p.

With that being said, this still makes for a fantastic secondary television that works great in a bedroom or office, as the LG 28MT48S can double up as a monitor for a computer.

Again, this is an LG brand of television, and they are some of the best manufacturers out there, even with a smaller sized screen. The display is still of a high quality, and could arguably be better than some cheaper brands 1080p models!

The contrast is still good enough to showcase differences in colours and shadows, and the overall image is certainly clear enough that it doesn’t detract from the viewing experience. Considering the low price for this model, the display is certainly up to scratch!


One of the best aspects of the LG 28MT48S is the surprisingly good set of features that is included. This is mainly because smaller budget televisions tend to have little in the way of additional content, but this isn’t the case here.

Perhaps the most impressive feature is that the LG 28MT48S comes with the WebOS Smart interface. This allows you to connect via Wi-Fi and gain direct access to the internet. With this, you can download various LG applications, which include all of the most popular apps for a Smart TV.

For instance, you can download popular video streaming services like Netflix or YouTube, as well as all of the best catch-up TV apps that will allow you to view all your favourite programs whenever suits you!

Additionally, the LG 28MT48S comes with screen mirroring options, meaning you can connect devices such as a smartphone, laptop or tablet to the television. So, with that you could easily connect your phone to the TV and browse all your favourite apps from there too!

Final Thoughts

These great features really do help to add an extra layer to the LG 28MT48S, making it stand out against other similarly priced and sized models. Better still, the display is still of a great quality and will not hamper your viewing experience, making the LG 28MT48S a fine option for smaller television!

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