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Hisense H49M3000 Review

Hisense have been creating some notably affordable HD models in recent years, and now they are breaking into the low-end 4K market with the H49M3000. With an impressive 49-inch screen size and one of the cheapest prices for a 4K model, the H49M300 is certainly a worthwhile investment for an entry-level 4K television.


The Hisense H49M300 comes with a sizable 49-inch screen that is capable of 4K Ultra High Definition – this offers four times Full HD resolution, which provides an incredibly realistic and vibrant display.

Furthermore, a selection of features complete what is a very well-rounded 4K model. Freeview HD, Hisense Smart TV, and 4K upscaling ensure that the Hisense H49M3000 offers a host fine features you would hope to find on any modern television.

So this is a nice and cheap smart TV but you will no doubt be wanting the very cheapest deals and so we have those below so that you can buy at a cheap price:

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With an Ultra HD 4K resolution across 49-inches of screen, it’s safe to say that the Hisense H49300 comes with a fantastic display. As 4K technology allows for four times the number of pixels as Full HD (1080P), the display is greatly enhanced in terms of detail and overall quality.

All Full HD content is also improved thanks to the 4K upscaling, which can help to upscale all HD content into the even clearer 4K, allowing you to make the most out of that stunning 4K display.

The colour display provided by the Hisense H49300 is really impressive. The contrast can be somewhat lacking in really bright room, but with a dark setting the 4K really comes to life and allows for a sharper contrast in colours to be viewed.

But when you consider the price of the Hisense H49300, it makes perfect sense that it is slightly lacking when compared to the big-name brands such as Sony or Samsung. The price for this model is the best you will find for a 4K model – some HD models cost more than! – which makes the Hisense H49300 all the more impressive.


The Hisense H49300 is rounded out with some great features that make it seem even more of a bargain.

For one, you can gain access to the internet and a host of cool apps on the TV thanks to the Hisense Smart feature. Browse all your favourite websites and download any number of cool apps that take the Hisense H49300 to the next level.

While the apps available can be considered less varied than many other manufacturers, you will still find access to all of the most popular apps, such as Facebook, YouTube, and BBC’s iPlayer.

Additionally, the Hisense H49300 includes Freeview HD, meaning you can enjoy over 60 channels (12 of which are in HD!) that feature all of the UK’s top channels. Combined with the 4K upscaling and you can enjoy some seriously impressive 4K programming free of charge!

4 HDMI ports allow for all manner of connectivity, as does the two USB ports. These will allow the Hisense H49300 to showcase things like 4K gaming on games consoles, as well as connecting to other types 4K Ultra HD content.

Final Thoughts

Considering the wide range of features and the fact it has 4K display, the price of the Hisense H49300 becomes even more exceptional. Granted it isn’t as big a hitter as some of the more established brands – but you will be paying far less and can still enjoy plenty of great benefits!

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