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Blaupunkt 32-133I Review

Blaupunkt has established itself as one of the top budget television manufacturers in the UK. They produce sets in the lower price-range, meaning there are a fair few bargains to be found throughout their line-up, most notably with the Blaupunkt 32-133I.


The Blaupunkt 32-133I comes with a 32-inch display with a 780p HD resolution. It features a nice slim design, making it a fine option for any bedroom or smaller living space, although it would also be perfectly serviceable in any room.

Freeview tuning provides over 60 channels and 25 radio stations, and the Blaupunkt 32-133I can easily be connected to various device though its 3 HDMI ports. There is also a USB port, allowing for various media to be viewed through the television.

This is a great cheap smart TV and we’ve found the cheapest deals online:

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Perhaps the biggest selling-point for this model is its affordability. Considering the price for the Blaupunkt 32-133I, you get a perfectly suitable television set that is capable of providing a good quality display along with some other useful features. It certainly offers plenty of value for money!


While it doesn’t feature the same crisp, vibrant picture display as Full HD (1080p), the 780p HD display present on the Blaupunkt 32-133I still offers great image quality. The 780p is still HD ready, just with fewer pixels than 1080p, but display still provides a clear display with plenty of colour.

The contrast isn’t as great as others, but the LED backlight still offers a very serviceable contrast ratio that will not impair the overall quality of the image – it’s just not as sharp or vibrant as 1080p.

This is certainly understandable when you consider just how low the price is. The 32-inch screen is still big enough to offer a great quality display, although it’s a bit smaller than the standard 40-50-inch range found in the best-selling models.

Still, this makes for a fine second television or for a smaller room such as bedroom. Anyone on a budget can certainly appreciate the size and quality of the display too, as it offers the best of these in this price range.


The most notable feature for the Blaupunkt 32-133I is that it comes with Freeview tuning. This will give access to over popular UK television channels, not to mention a selection of digital radio stations too.

Although it isn’t a Smart TV, you can easily connect it to a laptop or other computer device through the HDMI ports. This will essentially turn it into a large monitor, which means it will still have plenty of access to cool online features like YouTube, Facebook, Netflix etc.

However, it isn’t really recommended that you use this for a larger monitor for a computer due to the lower resolution that can impair certain games and videos. Still, it can be great for quickly connecting and sticking on a movie, music, or just surfing the web on a bigger screen.

Additionally, there is three HDMI ports as well as one for a USB. This allows for all types of media devices and additional content to be viewed, providing you have the necessary hardware.

Final Thoughts

Simply but, the Blaupunkt 32-133I is one of the best bargain TV’s currently available. You will struggle to find a TV with anything close to this in this price range, so it definitely offers value for money in that regard!

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