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LG 28MT48S Review

LG are certainly among the best television manufacturers, and even their budget models offer great value for money. The LG 28MT48S falls into this category, offering an affordable television that provides a great picture and comes with a surprising number of cool features. Overview The LG 28MT48S is a 28-inch …

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LG 49UH610V Review

Sometimes it’s good to splash out and treat ourselves every once in a while, and if you feel as if you deserve a treat, a new TV set could be exactly what you need. TVs are fantastic because they allow us to relax, be entertained, and to escape reality for …

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LG 43LH604V Review

Where would we be without our TV sets? Well, many of us may as well be back in the dark ages, as life without TV will generally be pretty boring if truth be told. After a long day, there are few finer feelings than getting home, getting comfortable, and settling …

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